Controller Retrofit

There are many older Autofold machines, still in service, that can benefit from the numerous features and improvements of the current Autofold control system.

We can supply either the basic iFold control system, or the full Console control system, as used on the more complex machines.

The new control system can be fitted to any age of Autofold machine. The new control system supports both variable and fixed (as used in old machines) rate flow systems. If running an older fixed rate machine, the hydraulic pack can also be upgraded to variable flow by an Engel technician, giving improved machine performance.

The replacement control systems are often built with minor changes to machine wiring looms for compatibility with older machines. They can be provided for installation by the end user, local agent, or Engel Europa.

When fitting a new control system, it is beneficial to also take advantage of a concurrent site visit by Engel Europa, or one of their representative agents, to service the mechanical aspects of your machine.

Please note Engel Europa are not prepared to supply the control system for use on other manufacturer’s machines.

Please contact us for a quotation.