Ancillary Machines

With factory space a valuable commodity the Autofold 516 has been designed with a compact footprint, the smallest of which requires only 8ft x 7ft of floor space.

Machine operation is fully hydraulic making the Autofold both accurate and reliable. The Bosch Rexroth hydraulic system is of the highest quality and its component parts are readily availible throughout the world.The Autofold requires only one 3 phase supply and is therefore quickly set up in any factory environment.

Controlling the autofold is a state of the art Microsoft Windows™ based control system designed specificaly for the Autofold range. This makes the Autofold easy to operate even for those with no computer experience.

Auto Seamer

Attenuator Pod

Plasma Feed

Flange Rollformer

AF-FEL Flange Folder

Cut-to-Length Line

Rollformer Range

Spiral Tubeformers